Approved  Schemes

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In order to satisfy our Insurance Partners our Approved Scheme(s) have a number of conditions that must be met. This gives the Insurance Partners the confidence that you are reputable, competent and trained to a high level participating in annual Continual Professional Development (CPD) training keeping abreast of changing legislation and control practices.














Approved Surveyor  Schemes

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Only those actively participating on our Approved Schemes will be offered (by our Insurance Partners) a bespoke Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) policy meeting all the requirements laid down by our insurance partners. 


An IBG is required for Mortgage Companies in the control and Removal of Japanese Knotweed during the Conveyance process in Northern Ireland. Remaining on the Approved Scheme is fundamental to the creditibility of our training programmes including your Invasive Weed or Japanese Knotweed Control practices. The schemes ensure there is a high level of professionalism at an Expert Standard giving your Clients and other interested parties the Safeguards they will require.

STAGE 1- Invasive Weed Surveyor Completion
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JK Removal Programme STAGE 2 & 3 Completion

Approved Japanese Knotweed Contractor  Scheme

Invasive Weed Programme  Completion (All Stages)

Approved Invasive Weed Contractor  


Approved Japanese Knotwed Contractor log
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Eligibility to Join Approved Schemes

Those who meet the conditions of the aforementioned Approved Schemes will receive, Discounts on Insurance products, ongoing support and access to online Industry Material, access to online platform for queries and receive annual CPD training.


In addition, those on any of the Approved Schemes will be promoted online via our Approved Database. Those on the Approved Databases will be promoted  to potential clients in their area who offer Japanese Knotweed or Invasive Weed control services. Details of those registered on our database (will be released in June 2019) will be shared Directly with our Insurance Partners.

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Failure to meet the Terms and Conditions of our Code of Conduct of our Approved Schemes will result in a prohibition in using all of our Logo's. Please be advised our Logo's are not to be used without our explicit consent. Breaches may result in Civil Litigation be instigated against you.


Our Insurance Providers will be informed of those who are no longer on the Approved Schemes potentially resulting in all of your Clients (IBG) Insurance products being immediately revoked, alongside Indeminity Insurance Cover.