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Q1 Will I receive a qualification in Japanese knotweed Identification?

Yes, you will receive a Level 2 Award in the Identification of Invasive Species including Japanese Knotweed Qualification approved by LANTRA. At Stage 1 in the programme you will learn about the identification and mis identification of Japanese Knotweed.

Q2. Will your training cover Mortgage Lenders in UK and Republic of Ireland?

By particapting in our Approved Scheme you will be able to deal with vast majority of banks, having access to Insuranced Backed Guarantees required by mortgage companies. Our training will ensure you are advised of lenders requirements in the conveyance process impacted by Japanese Knotweed.

Q3. Do you offer this training to homeowner who have Japanese Knotweed?

No. We only offer this training to persons who are planning to remove Japanese Knotweed Professionally.

Q4. What are the pre requisites in order to join our Invasive Weed Training programmes?

We vet who does this training as we want to ensure there is a high standard of professionalism among all candidates who will professionally remove Japanese Knotweed, Anyone with relevant 2 years’ experience of working with controlling weeds/soil removal in a construction or horticulture type industry etc


Ability to write professional reports to a high standard

Q5.Will I be able to remove Japanese Knotweed after successfully completing the programme?

Yes, You will be taught all viable control strategies in the successful removal of Japanese Knotweed. You will be armed with a number of control strategies that will be dependent upon cost and the clients requirements. Our Japanese Knotweed Removal programme only covers Knotweed related species. Our invasive Weed Contractor programme will cover other weeds like Giant Hogweed control.

Q6. Will the Programme be recognised?

Yes we believe our training will be recognised as professional invasive weed control training. We are an approved LANTRA and Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) training provider in Ireland trading under Pest NI. Our level of teaching is of the highest industry standard, we will stand over all our teaching practices with candidate being assessd on their level of knowledge via an Examination. We have an expert team consisting of Experts in Public Health, Invasive Species and Contaminated land. We ensure ALL candidates must compete all stages before sign off

Q7. Can I do Stage 1 Japanese Knotweed Consultant/Surveyor without having to do stage 2?

It is recommended for control purposes that everyone does all stages. Completion of stage 1 is only for Estate Agents & Surveyors. By completing stage 2 and Stage 3 you will only receive final award in Japanese Knotweed Removal Programme certification.

Q8 Why do I need to be an Approved Contractor?

To ensure you are kept abreast of legislative changes you are required to do annual CPD training to ensure your level of Knowledge is of the highest industry standard protection yourself and clients. The cost of the training will FREE to those on our Approved Schemes.

Q9. Will the Japanese knotweed removal training comply with the laws in both jurisdiction?

We can ensure that our training programme is reflective of legislation north and south of the border. We have engaged directly with both Governments in relations to Japanese Knotweed.

In Northern Ireland Japanese knotweed is classed an invasive species under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 as amended by Section 27 Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Natural Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011. Under Schedule 9 of the Order it is an offence to plant or grow in the wild any invasive plants listed.

If excavated and removed from land, however, Japanese knotweed becomes a ‘waste’. As a waste, a duty of care (under the Controlled Waste (Duty of Care) Regulations 2002) is placed on the land owner to ensure the control of the spread of Japanese knotweed to adjacent land,

In ROI, Under the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011, Regulation 49 places restrictions on the introduction of any plant species listed in Part 1 of the Third Schedule.

A person shall be guilty of an offence if they:

Plant, disperse, allow or cause to disperse, spread or cause to grow the plant in the Republic of Ireland. Our programme will provide the necessary training in relation to required permits from Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM).

In addition, we ensure that all candidates are certificated in the use of pesticides are trained to legal standard PA1 & PA6 Handheld Injectors and they are advised to Register as a Professional User under the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive with Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM).

Q10 What about Neighbour disputes that have adjoining premises with Japanese Knotweed?

In Republic of Ireland Regulation 50 of the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 makes it an offence to or intend to: have Japanese Knotweed onsite. Responsibility lies with the Landowner to remove the Invasive Weed.

In Northern Ireland there is currently no legal requirement for a landowner to control or remove existing established areas of Japanese Knotweed from their own land.

Homeowners can take civil action.

A case involving Japanese Knotweed heard by Cardiff County Court on 2nd February 2017. Japanese Knotweed was growing on land owned by Network Rail was close to residential properties. Neighbours brought a civil case against Network Rail as their homes was impacted.

Their home has been devalued and was difficult to sell. The judge found that their properties had suffered from Encroachment and the presence of Japanese Knotweed interfered with use and enjoyment of their land. As a result the homeowner was awarded damaged for the cost of the treatment and loss in value of the property.

Q11 Will I be able to start controlling and removing Japanese Knotweed once I get Programme Certification?

It is recommended you join our Approved scheme having the necessary Level of Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employer Liability Insurance cover.

Q12 What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) do I need it to remove Japanese Knotweed?

This is only available to you if you are on our Approved Contractor Scheme. An IBG is useful protection for both you and your customers, in the unlikely event of your company ceasing to trade. If you are involved with a customer who is in the conveyance process (Buying or selling their house) the Mortgage Company will require an IBG. Please note to avail of this you will have to sign up to our Approved Contractor Scheme in order to satisfy our Insurance Partners.

Q13. What is the cost of the training and to get on the Approved Programme?

Please see our Prices page

Q14. What does the Invasive Weed Programme cover?

Removal stage covers control of all other Invasive Weeds in Ireland excluding Japanese Knotweed