Japanese Knotweed Removal Training In Ireland

Would you like to learn how to remove Japanese knotweed?  We can provide comprehensive training in Ireland to teach staff how to tackle this virulent weed.

Growing up to four inches per day in the summer, Japanese knotweed has an invasive root system that can destroy concrete foundations and can also be deadly for buildings, flood defences, roads, paving and much more.

Since it looks like other steams and leaves, it can be difficult to identify and is often mistaken for other plants, like Russian Vine.

It also grows extremely quickly on wasteland and roadsides and is considered one of the most invasive plants there is. Causing misery to both homeowners and businesses, this weed forms a large network of underground roots and, in order to eradicate it, these must be destroyed.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Training can provide the best training programmes for tackling invasive weeds.

 Perfect for learners based in Ireland, our training covers both legal Jurisdictions on the Island of Ireland.

Before the course begins, we will provide pre-training materials. Our next training course is due to begin later this year and takes place in Ashbourne. Along with training for tackling Japanese knotweed, we also cover other plants, including related species.

Why not discover more about our training in Ireland today?

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