Approved Japanese Knotweed Contractor & Consultant Scheme

Why choose an Approved Contractor?


Guarantees!, (IBG) Insurance Backed Guarantees 


We have vetted all contractors on our courses, everyone has been trained in surveying, bio security measures and safe Removal techniques of Japanese Knotweed. Below is a list of the best companies that can demonstrate robust processes in place


  • All contractors can write comprehensive Japanese Knotweed Management Plans.

  • Trained to PA1 & PA6 AW (Water) Pesticide Qualifications.

  • Hold Professional Indemnity (€) 2 Million

  • Hold Public Liability (€) 10 Million

  • Hold Employer Liability Insurance (€) 10 Million


Knotweed rEMOVAL Ireland

01 447 5927


Knotweed rEMOVAL ni

+44 2890 021 034


HollyHill Tree Care


Why do I need to be on an Approved Scheme?


Only those actively participating on our Approved Schemes may be offered by our Insurance Partners a bespoke Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) policy meeting all the requirements laid down by our insurance partners. 

Why is an IBG Important?


An IBG is an Insurance Policy taken out by the Client (the client pays for the IBG) via your company usually protection from 5-10 years. It offers protection to the client and Banks. It provides cover in case you cease to trade as a contractor, therefore unable to complete the work in the terms offered in your initial guarantee.


IBG's are required for Mortgage Companies in the control and Removal of Japanese Knotweed during the Conveyance process. Remaining on the Approved Scheme is fundamental to the creditibility of our training programmes including your Invasive Weed or Japanese Knotweed Control practices.


Lenders normally require to prove you are using contractors to a high standard  having suitable Insurance Backed Guarantee Insurance and provide a professional detailed Japanese Knotweed Management Plans outlining control strategies.

Failure to meet the Terms and Conditions of our Code of Practice of our Approved Schemes will result in a prohibition in using all of our Logo's. Please be advised our Logo's are not to be used without our explicit consent. Breaches may result in Civil Litigation be instigated against you.


Our Insurance Providers will be informed of those who are no longer on the Approved Schemes potentially resulting in all of your Clients (IBG) Insurance products being immediately revoked, alongside Indeminity Insurance Cover. 

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