Japanese Knotweed Removal Programme

Pre Online Learning Materials Issued to Candidates One Month before Start of the Scheduled Course.

Stage 1

Invasive Weed Surveyor Training

Stage 1 covers Invasive Weeds including Japanese Knotweed & Similar Hybrid  Identification.

Invasive Weeds including Japanese Knotweed Impacts spread through human intervention, causing damage to:


Japanese Knotweed Survey Site Inspection Techniques, mapping and survey reports. Please note stage 2 covers Management Plans.

Pre-sale purchase surveys on presence of Japanese Knotweed or other Invasive Weeds.

We offer professional Training for Surveyors, Valuation Surveyors, Mortgage Advisers and Estate Agents.

Surveys identifying the presence of Japanese Knotweed or other Invasive Species.


LANTRA Approved Level 2 Award in Identification of Invasive Species including Japanese Knotweed Qualification

  • Surfaces and buildings.

  • The environment.

  • The economy.

  • Our health.

  • The way we live.

  • Biodiversity.


Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne

8th May 2019

9th May 2019




15th May 2019

16th May 2019

Food & Refreshments Provided

Price £795


If you are participating on any of our Approved Schemes you will receive 25% Discount for staff on future training.


Member of any of our Approved Schemes Only £595

On Successful completion of Stage 1, Invasive Weed Surveyor Training. You will be given the opportunity to apply for the Approved Japanese Knotweed Surveyor and Invasive Weed Surveyor Scheme with permission to use both logos below. To find out more information of this Approved scheme please click on the logos below.

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Japanese Knotweed Expert Removal Training

(Stage 1 must be completed before entry on to Stage 2)


We cover Japanese Knotweed Removal in Northern Ireland & Ireland and different legal requirements for each jurisdiction.

Will cover control of Japanese Knotweed and close relatives

  • Bohemian knotweed

  • Giant Knotweed

  • Dwarf Japanese Knotweed

  • Haringey (Railway) Knotweed

  • Himalayan Knotweed

Control Measures
  • Prevention/control methods

  • Winter cane removal

  • Root barrier

  • Encapsulation

  • Soil excavation

  • Soil sterilisation

  • Stem injection (Herbicide)

  • Spray (Herbicide)

  • Re-growth

  • Bonsai development (application and chemicals)

  • Further spread

  • Nature of rhizomes

  •  Lack of efficacy on knotweed (repeated treatment required)


We will cover in detail Bio-Security and good site Hygiene techniques, Waste Transfer Consignment Notes (waste carrier) requirements, including  Licenced Landfill site and Risk Assessment processes. 

Herbicide Control via  Foliar application and Stem Injection use, taking steps to prevent any risk of leakage to ground water or waterways.

Candidates will understand the requirement for monitoring and further treatments to any subsequent regeneration on monitoring, after the initial treatment has been carried out, and over what time period.

Stage 2 will cover Strategic Management of the site including COSHH and Health and Safety Requirements

Insurance Issues will be covered in depth on Warranties (Guarantee) and Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG), Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employer Liability requirements.


1.5 hrs Exam (Testing Learning Outcomes).


Coursework Submission 

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan


Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne

4th June 2019

5th June 2019

6th June 2019


11th June 2019

12th June 2019

13th June 2019

Food & Refreshments Provided

Stage 2 Price= £1,195

If you are participating on any of our Approved Schemes you will receive 25% Discount.

Discounted Price £895

Price for 2 Stages

£1,990 + Mandatory Pesticide Training Below  

If you are currently participating on any of our Approved Schemes you will receive 25% Discount for your operatives (Saving £500)


PA1 & PA6 Pesticide Training

Handheld Stem Injection .

Mandatory (IN DATE Pesticide Qualification) we offer PA1 & PA6 Handheld stem Injector practical training qualification for operators in Compliance with the Sustainable Use
of Pesticide Directive – SUDS.


Over 2.5 days

(Please note you must hold PA6, Handheld injector, if you hold PA1 price will be discounted by £109

                        PA1 (£109)

  • Legislation

  • Interpreting product label

  • Personal safety and contamination

  • Pesticide and container storage

  • Disposals

  • Record keeping

  • Environmental factors


PA6 Handheld Stem Injector (£250)


  • Stem Injection herbicide Techniques.

  • Legislative and safety regulation relating to pesticide injection equipment

  • Assess environmental factors relating to the site

  • Complete an environmental risk assessment

  • Read and interpret product information

  • Prepare and calibrate the pesticide injection equipment

  • Inject pesticides

  • Post operational procedures

On Completion of All Stages you will Receive a formal Certification in Japanese Knotweed Removal

On Successful completion of the Japanese Knotweed Removal Programme, once meeting the conditions you will be entered on to the Approved Japanese Knotweed Contractor or Consultant Scheme below.

Approved Japanese Knotwed Contractor log
Logo Japanese Knoweed Consultant.jpg

We screen all applications who make a reservation who intend to do this training this is a requirement of Insurance Partners to ensure there is a high standard of professionalism among all candidates who will professionally remove Japanese Knotweed.



Anyone with Relevant 2 years’ Experience of:-


Controlling Weeds


Soil Removal in a Construction or Horticulture type industry.


Ability to write Professional Reports to a High Standard

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