LANTRA Level 2 Award in Identification of Invasive and Injurious Species  

The qualification aims to assess the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the:


  •  Terms ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ species

  •  Threat posed by invasive species in Ireland

  •  Identification of invasive& Injurious plant species

  • Identification of injurious species of insect

  • Actions to take when injurious species are identified and if people are affected by them

  • Legislative requirements specific to Ireland, in accordance with Regulation 49 under the European Communities Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011.

  • Overview of Control of Invasive species 

  • Impact of Japanese Knotweed in Ireland

  •  Identification of Japanese Knotweed and the plants which are commonly mistaken for Japanese Knotweed

  •  Recommended methods to control Japanese Knotweed in different situations 

  •  Please note this is only an Identification Qualification in all Invasive Species and you can not legally remove Japanese Knotweed with this course. For removal and control please see attached our Japanese Knotweed Removal Programme


Delivered over 3 days 

  • Tuesday 26th November 2019,

  • Wednesday  27th November 2019,

  • Thursday 28th November 2019,

Expert Training includes:

Learning resources (provided at no extra cost)

 Morning Tea/Coffee

 Light lunch



Venue: Tallaght Dublin


If you cancel with less than 28 days there will be £100 cancellation fee applied. 

If you cancel after making payment in under 7 working days,full fee is non- refundable.